Contesting Wills

Grounds On Which A Will Can Be Contested

Broadly speaking, a will may be challenged on one of three grounds:

1) A will may be challenged for failure to make adequate provision for the proper maintenance and support of a spouse or dependent.

2) A will may be challenged for its validity in the following circumstances:

3) A will may be challenged for interpretation.

Who Can Challenge A Will

To contest a will, a person must have an interest in the deceased’s estate. Generally, this may include the testator’s spouse and dependants, beneficiaries in the disputed will, beneficiaries in any prior wills, and any intestate heirs which could include the testator’s spouse, dependants, father, mother, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and other kin.    

How A Will Can Be Contested

Challenging a will requires a probate action in the British Columbia Supreme Court. Once a will is probated (determined valid), a court of construction may interpret the will.